We are back with great news, the 5% mania!

So darlings, we have finally succeeded in overcoming the troubles caused by recent changes in fb poker.  We can deliver freely again, without any holdbacks or stutters, fast and secure as always.  To make it even better, we have found new resources and are able to offer a 5% chips bonus on all orders.  For you, we make things happen!

We’ve come up with a new way to improve your weekends!

Hi darlings, and thank you for being our loyal clients.  Eversince our facebook poker chips deals helped us rank #1 on the market again, we’ve been looking for ways to become better and better everyday, for all of our clients.  What we came up with this month will make your weekends brighter and more fun: all orders placed on weekends are awarded extra bonus chips! As if we weren’t great enough 🙂

Goodluck at tables, and don’t forget to have fun!

Happy New Year!! Gossipchips Strikes Again!

We want to wish all of you a sincere greeting for the new year.  May it bring you peace and understanding, free time and the appetite to enjoy it.  We are doing our part, please check out our new incredible offer on facebook poker chips.  We know it’s hard to believe but we brought our price for 1b down to just under 100usd, simply because we are the best in the industry. Gossipchips strikes again!  Goddluck at tables, people!

Our anniversary is comping up! Our promise.

Gossipchips.com has been around for a while now friends, soon we will be 7 years old!   We are proud to be your preferred facebook poker chips provider for 7 years now.  Our promise: We promise to always keep up our commitment of serving you at the highest standards.  Our team will remain the same as you know them, prompt and friendly, always ready to assist you in reaching the most comfortable poker play possible, as well as fast deliveries and no hassle.  Have fun with poker, goodluck!

The huge bonus just got immense

Since we increased our packages two weeks ago (without increasing the price), our clients appreciated and responded positively so here is what we will do: We repeat the trick!  Check it out, all the bonuses Doubled!  Gossipchips remains the same, always.

Our packages got fat!

As you may have noticed, our prices dropped again last week because we always keep the best price standards around.  Well, we feel like making a new improvement, so we allowed our poker chips packages to change size, but not price.  Check it out, 57mil is now 60mil, 110m is 115m, 200m is 210m and so on.   Because we feel you deserve it!


Our prices dropped!

Hello darlings.  Our prices have dropped!  As usual, our team makes sure you’re getting the best prices online and the most possible facebook poker chips for your money.  So starting now, these are the new prices to remain listed, and also remember to always offer you a chips bonus.  Have a great day, enjoy poker and remember to check our Facebook page for special deals by seaching for “Gossip Chips” on Facebook or you can also reach it by clicking here.

All weekend long 6% bonus

All weekend long, we offer our clients a 6% bonus on all orders for FB poker chips.   We just feel it’s nice to do this for you, for being great 🙂  As usual, we strive to provide you with cheap prices on poker chips and professional services and assistance.  Goodluck at tables, and have a fabulous weekend!

It’s the 4th of July!

The 4th of July weekend brings everyone a 10% bonus on all orders, big and small, for regular clients and for new ones the same.  We celebrate America together!  We are always working hard to keep our clients entertained, especially during weekends and holidays.   Let’s play Poker! Best prices on Facebook poker chips along with the most professional services around.

Free Paypal Weekends

All weekend long, we pay for your Paypal fees on all orders.  What it means in terms of price: you pay us in Paypal, the exact amount shown under your preferred chips package!  Even though we have the lowest prices on Facebook poker chips, we decided to extend this extra bit for our clients as a way of thanking you for the fact that they are awesome. Enjoy!