Wish everyone a great summer and nice vacations!

Hi people, how’s your summer thus far? Ofc our Aussies know what we mean heheh. I just wanted to wish those of us who do take summer as a holiday and travel season, the most awesome and sincere positive thoughts.

Have fun everyone!  And to make it even better for you, we went ahead and dropped our prices again LOL.   How we manage to sell a billion chips at under 80usd is a mistery for me too!  Enjoy your time darlings, on and offline!

Summertime is here!

Hi everyone 🙂

So, summer is finally here and as we always do, we’re making some ridiculous discounts for you.  As if our best wasn’t enough, we just got done shaving off some dollars on all the large packages, down to our lowest prices yet.  We just love being able to do this all the time, don’t we?

Wishing everyone a great summer, and goodluck at tables!  Poker chips in stock as usual, fully loaded!

As always, we come through for our clients!


I’m very excited to announce that starting March 1st Gossipchips has new leads on chips and as a direct result, our price dropped so hard, it broke thru the 190usd limit for 2bil+bonus!  Have a look, I’m not lying or inventing honey!

Facebook poker chips professionally brought to you via gossipchips.com

Fully stocked and at attention, as always!

Merry Christmas! Holiday Sale begins with a blasting restock!

Hello everyone!  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

To make your holidays sweeter, we found a new chips source, and as a result, our price for 1 billion dropped by 5 USD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because we love and appreciate our clients, we’ve made further efforts to reduce our pricing on ALL the packages, and moreover dears, we have soooo much stock!

Have a look at these prices, and make sure to call on your favorite Facebook poker chips provider, gossipchips.com

Happy Holidays, and good luck at tables!

Pre Holiday SALE kicked the door in!

Welcoming the holiday season with a nice discount applied discretely on all of our packages.  How do we manage?  Through hard work, as we all do.  Expect more for Christmas week, we have some nice surprises for you in the form of Facebook poker chips.  As always, your best friend when you want to play.

Now check out these prices!



As always, we strive to achieve new lows as far as our price per billion is concerned.  As a result, we bring you a first-time-ever offer of 89.99usd for 1 billion facebook poker chips.  We love you and we know you love us, so goodluck, high rollers!


New beginning, best prices we’ve EVER had!

Hello players 🙂  As of today gossipchips.com begins a new phase, and as a result our prices have dropped by $10 per billion, that’s a 10% permanent price cut, at the top of the foodchain where we always stand.  Rest assured, you will be served in the same manner and by the same assistants when you buy #facebook #poker #chips with your #1 provider. Enjoy the game!

best chips provider

June is here, we’re expanding our outposts

Hello darlings 🙂 Starting with June 5th our hourly schedule will be extended to full-time, 24/7, 365 days a year.  This means that anytime you want to buy facebook chips, you will find us online and ready for action.  gossipchips.com has always been there for you, and we’re not about to stop now.  Fully stocked, accepting Paypal and all major credit cards, as well as wu/mg/bank transfer.  Goodluck high rollers!

Summertime love! Enjoy 10% bonus deals on all packages!

Hello again darlings.  As part of our ongoing effort to always provide you with the best facebook poker chips prices, we have come up with a whopping 10% bonus on all packages ordered! Fully stocked, accepting all forms of payment, Paypal, cards, wu, and instant deliveries are guaranteed.  Goodluck at tables, highrollers!

Hello everyone! Easter is over, springtime is here!

As you all know there has been a bad break through the fb poker app, and the last thing to date is the table Rake charge.  What this means is that everytime you play and win, you will be taxed a table charge.  I am happy to tell you that we have a “fix” for it and you will receive all the chips you pay for, nothing gets lost.  Our delivery methods have also gained great speed and most deliveries now take under 8 minutes!  We always make sure you are provided with cheap facebook poker chips and great bonuses!!!