How to buy facebook poker chips

There are three simple steps you have to follow in order to buy Facebook poker chips from Gossipchips.

Step One:

View our homepage and carefully choose the chips package you wish to buy. Keep in mind, the larger the package, the lower the price per million. Another aspect you might want to consider here is your current poker chips stack; the lower your current stack, the lower you may want to choose a package to buy. Why? Simply because we want to make sure we don't trigger any warning flags in the FB poker online game, like for example an account going from 20k chips to 1 billion chips. Mistakes like this will sometimes call unwanted attention upon yourself. Of course we will also point this out to you when you contact us about the order you're about to make, we won't let you make mistakes.

Step Two:

Decide how you wish to pay for your chosen chips package. If it's Paypal or wire transfer via Western Union or Money Gram, call the Live Support by clicking on the red button on the top right side of the web page. At that time we will tell you how to pay and towards what receiver. If you wish to pay by credit/debit card, simply click on the pink Buy Now button located at the bottom of your chosen poker chips package. You will then be redirected to our payments processor's page, where you will be able to securely enter your card details in order to complete the purchase. Upon finalizing your payment, you will be shown a message telling you that you've successfully completed your payment and you will be shown an order ID. Save that number, as you will need it. If for any reason your payment is not successful, you will be shown a message telling you that, with a corresponding reason. In both cases, you will also receive an email from our servers telling you about the order, so please make sure to use a real, existing email address in your order.

Step Three:

Call our agents on Live Support by clicking on the red button on the top right side of the web page. An operator will greet you and ask for your order ID number. After locating your approved order, the operator will then offer you a few different options for your chips delivery. All of them are proven to be safe and guaranteed, we will not risk your account being banned due to the respective delivery because we have certain foolproof techniques of delivering your FB chips into your account in a safe manner. At times, upon random selection, our operators will ask you to prove your identity by emailing us a scan or photo of your driver's license or passport. If you fail to do so when requested, your order may be refunded due to lack of compliance. The reason we are considered the best poker chips seller online isn't only our cheap prices on packages, it's also due to the high security level we employ in order to banish internet fraud and scams. We thank you for understanding this issue and we hope you appreciate it, since it would also protect you if your identity was ever stolen by hackers and they tried coming to us to spend your funds. It simply would not happen, we are too good!